What Is Hot-cpm

What is HotCPM? HotCPM is a PTP or Paid to Promote program, after signing up they will give you a code to put in your blog or site.

That code will become an advertisement in your site. Were you can earn for every traffic(visitor) on your site.

How to Join HotCPM?

By clicking this link http://www.hot-cpm.com

you will redirected to their registration page. Just fill up the needed information then submit. You will need to check your email for the confirmation.

(I will really appreciate it if you will join under referral) Where can I find the Code? Just see the screen shot below then, after clicking the link entitled "Promote Pages" you will now redirected to the page were you can choose for the banner code you like. What are the Payment Details?

The conversion points is performed at the beginning of each month. Payments are made from 1 to 15 of each month. The payment link will appear at the bottom of this page as soon as your balance reaches the $2(Paypal), $1(Alertpay/Payza) and $0.10(Liberty Reserve).

Advantage: You can earn points from traffics worldwide.

(Which is very hard to find) Because majority of the PTP, CPA, and other adnetworks are only accepting traffics from chosen country.

Disadvantage: Sometimes your antivirus will detect a suspicious malware from the Hotcpm ads, which is not that threatening.

However it still annoys other people specially the one who uses avast because a pop-up will appear with an voice saying about the threat detected. - See more at: