Old Abandoned Nuclear Bunker

The project involved visiting over 30 abandoned bunkers over the course of 2 years

Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★★★

Take the user on a virtual guided tour of the bunkers, where they can see what different people used the bunkers for, and what they found. For example, some were used as schools.

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Urbex Expedition in an Abandoned Soviet Bunker

The images show World War 2 bunkers that were abandoned under Europe Streets.

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World War II Bunkers, The Cold War, And Europe ⚛️

⚔️Check out the recently discovered American WWII Bunker ⚔️Authentic artifacts, interactive antiquities and interactive live video opportunties.

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⚛️ Explore and discover cold war bunkers ⚛️

days and decades later, people still walking past the world war 2 bunkers.

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They explore abandoned bunkers around the world.

Explore the pictures and learn more about the abandoned Cold War bunkers.

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History of abandoned bunkers around Europe

Watch as these urban explorers journey into this once secret bunker and share their findings with you.

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Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. ★★★☆☆

Places Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Abandoned Bunkers.

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☢️ Discover the history of bunkers ☢️

A line of science fiction books from the decaying bunker.

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Take a tour of the bunker ★★★★★

Explore bunkers, military camps, munitions factories, weapons laboratories, even hangars.

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✯ There are World War 2 bunkers across Europe ✯

Built in the 1960s, this abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker in the Swiss mountains is part of a network of more than 500 bunkers across the country.

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☭ Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Nuclear Bunkers ☭

Bunkers all over Russia are left abandoned, but the military keeps the public away.

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Explore best abandoned bunkers, secret bunker ⚠️

World War 2 bunkers discovered under Europe Streets.

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe

Providing an overview of bunkers that were built during the Cold War, this tour has provided insights into what is most likely to happen when the government is suddenly over.

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10 Things to Know Before You Visit the Bunker ☣️

After two years of research, photographer James Tattersall began documenting the abandoned bunkers, airplane hangers, and storage depots of Lodz, Poland.

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Walks explore more than just bunkers

The final frontier: Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Soviet nuclear bunkers. Explore the secret world of weapons unused for decades, and find out what secrets lie beneath the surface.

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Nuclear bunkers in Europe ★★★☆☆

A documentary on the bunker and the lives of some of the people living in basements of East Berlin.

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Learn more about WWII bunkers ★★★★☆

"The Bunker" is a 6 Moan old abandoned cold war nuclear bunker at the bottom of a multi-story concrete pit in the center of the city of Dresden, Germany. The bunker is accessed through a small pipe with a rusty ladder at the end of it, leading to a dark concrete tunnel with stairs. At the start this street seems to have no name or any identifying markers displaying any type of identification whatsoever, but you soon realize that the ground beneath the street is heavily reinforced with steel,.

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See abandoned bunker nearly 100 years old ★★★☆☆

Create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go inside one of these bunkers and tell your story, like how it feels to sleep in the bunk bed that once belonged to Adolph Hitler. We would then hire a professional to edit and publish your story, then distribute to media outlets.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places Around Europe

From the war-torn battlefields of Europe to the metropolises of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, a wealth of history has been lost to time. Yet, these architectural treasures still stand witness to a time long past. Each of these bunkers was a product of a complex and long-contested project that contributed to a certain region's architectural culture or its symbolic significance. While these unique, hidden relics have seen better days, here are a few from across the globe.

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☣️ Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ☣️

The tunnels, buildings, and bunkers were found by a teammate of the late Dutch filmmaker Robbert Dijkgraaf.

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✯ A mapping book of Cold War Soviet bunkers. ✯

Abandoned Cold War and WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers.

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A book about the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker

These bunkers have been removed from public spaces and from people from the story, from the history, and from the people who actually experienced this and who actually went through one night in these bunkers.

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Abandoned bunkers and secret places around Europe

The Cold War period left a legacy in the form of abandoned bunkers from the era.

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Images of abandoned World War II bunkers

With access to a highly classified nuclear bunker through a military contractor, this incredible piece of Cold War history has been left in an abandoned and musty state. Located in a highly populated area in the heart of downtown Rio de Janeiro, the bunker has been used in the past for everything from a military safehouse to a command center.

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